iPad, iPhone, Infragistics, UI - Development

Internet Research and Development can design and build world-class, flexible, open software and mobile web applications that meet specific business or technical goals while also integrating well into the existing system environment.  However, recently we have found a need and the area where we truly excel which is in actual User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) development.

Internet Research and Development can develop mobile applications for iPhone, Android, and WebOS in addition to the iPad and Android tablets.  If you already have an application, we can add that same sophistication to your application that has made the IPhone a household name.  In addition to the professional look and engaging feel we can most times condense options that take multiple screens of “submit” and “next” into pop ups and efficient slides.

Application Service Approach

  • Create designs that fit in with your organization’s architecture, integration and maintenance strategy
  • Use the latest tools and technologies for .NET, Javascript, Android, iOS and XML in order to leverage the productivity enhancements and benefits they provide
  • Use Agile principles combined with Object-Oriented design and programming using UML to create the most effective process and product
  • Select highly-skilled programmers that have the right team-orientation
  • Utilize experienced and skilled technical managers with development experience, management and leadership ability
  • Deploy an issue-based project approach that attacks issues as they arise.
  • Create an exceptional team environment that effortlessly produces superior results.