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The team at Internet Research and Development (I-RaD) has worked on projects for companies such as; Septa, Hewlett Packard, Dell, Creative Labs to name a few.  Our approach to website design and development is to begin by understanding our client’s business and their target audience or purpose.  Too many website design firms get caught up in just the pretty picture but fail to develop a plan for ensuring the client’s site will work for what they need.  Each website we build is designed to tackle the specific needs of the client tailored to the budget.

At I-RaD, we not only concentrate on initial design, we also anticipate your site’s future expansion. Our websites are currently built following Google Webmaster Guidelines to ensure proper readability by Google, Bing and Yahoo.  Additionally, we offer building the site to be responsive so that the user experience (UX) on a mobile device is as comfortable as on a desktop.

Overview of the Website Design Process:


We first begin by discussing details about your company, the product(s)/service(s), your current clients, and target for the future.  We additionally review any current marketing efforts that you are engaged in.  Depending on the objectives determined from our meeting, we will propose a direction and concept for the project as well as create a Search Engine Optimization report to further explain the proposed strategy.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Almost every site we build today is built on a content management system or e-commerce platform.  Once we have developed a concept from the interview, we then proceed to refine the design with your feedback.  Once the site is established we integrate the design into the chosen CMS.  We currently develop primarily on; WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento E-Commerce, and CoreCommerce.

Mobile Websites and Responsive Design

Many of the websites we design today are designed to be responsive or to have a separate mobile website for compatibility with iPhone, Android, WebOS, Blackberry and other mobile devices.  Many of our mobile web apps act like actual applications allowing icons to be installed to the mobile desktop and trigger the mobile email program for emailing functionality.

Social Networking integration

We can build login screens for you that allow users to securely sign into the password protected area of your site with the same account information the use for Facebook.  This limits users from not coming to your site due to lost passwords.  In addition to login integration, we offer an array of sharing plugins that allow us to automate “Tweets” for your blog posts, integrate the ability to easily share posts and content with social network share links, and more.

Philadelphia Web Design

One of the most difficult tasks a Web Designer faces is using new technologies or browser specific effects without alienating people with other browsers. For example, a useful tag on Web pages is the IFRAME tag. But this tag is only viewable in Internet Explorer. Or you could set up pages using the LAYER tag, which is only viewable with Netscape. As a Web developer, I could decide to just ignore the browsers I don’t support, but unless I’m developing for a tightly controlled intranet, that isn’t always possible.

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