“Great Execution is the Ultimate Differentiator.” – Margaret Molloy

100% of our clients beat the industry CTR%.  That can equal dollars to you.

Internet RnD offers an extensive suite of powerful Search Engine Marketing tools that can begin resulting in as little as days.  We beat our competition when it comes to Google Adwords management.  This is not just our assertion, but a fact.

According to Hubspot:

” Across all industries, the average CTR for a search ad is 1.91%, and 0.35% for a display ad.”

We crush the industry average click through rate for 100% of our clients – as of 2018.

This is accomplished by simply taking the time to learn Google Online Marketing services and putting in the hard work to do it right.  When you work with our company you will talk directly to Google Adwords Certified experts.

Some critical points
that sets our Adwords handling apart from the rest.

Landing Pages – All of our Search Engine Marketing campaigns for clients resolve to a custom landing page for our clients. This allows us to track and improve the effectiveness of our ads and Google Quality score resulting in better qualified clicks.

“A little known fact.  Google scores every campaign ad.  Ads that perform poorly show less often and cost more per click.  Being at the top of Google Ads does not mean you are spending more per click than your competitor.”

  • Keyword Management – I-RaD works with our clients to establish proper keywords, applies them to a bid strategy and then monitors the terms for non-relevant clicks.  When we inherit clients using Google Express or any of the big named companies, the first thing we see are clicks on terms that cost clients money and do not appear relevant to the ad.  This is because a term isn’t just a word but how you apply the word and we manually handle each clients account as if it were our own money at work.

“Experience at work.”  If an electrician comes to us offering “outlet replacement” it may seem like a good term.  The reality is that this term results in do-it-yourself help blogs and Amazon/Home Depot selling outlets with no real results for an electrician.”

Tracking – Every click counts and Google Online Marketing services provide a part of the picture but not whole. We invest in software, past Google’s free services, to create a picture of activity that allows us to determine the right changes and adjustments for success.  More specifically, we can track form conversions, IP addresses, phone calls, fraud clicks in real time (not currently offered by Google) to name a few.

“Over 90% of clients that come to us benefit from our tracking systems catching issues with receiving emails and problems with responding to calls.  This is a side benefit to our extensive tracking of ad performance and attributes to our ability to crush our competition when it comes to click through rate.”

  • Fraud Detection – Click fraud happens and although Google takes measures to refund money for click fraud, that they detect, it can greatly hurt a campaign. This is because, many times, click fraud takes place depleting a daily budget and removing your ads before Google is able to address the issue.  We offer a service that can either spot check your campaigns or in cases where click fraud is monthly, run 24 hours a day.

“Over and above attention.  A common case that we see is a competitor randomly during the month spam clicks our client’s ads to deplete their spend for that day.  If our client’s ads are removed for 2 out 30 days they would suffer over 5% loss in exposure for that month.  Our Click Fraud service catches the IP of the person clicking the ads and blocks the person from seeing the ads.  In effect the malicious competitor believes they stopped the ads, when they have simply been blocked and blacklisted.”

These are just a few points …

… that separate our performance in Adwords management from the rest.  But the most important difference.  You talk to the real people who work on your campaigns and get real answers instead of looking at a confusing report from a sales person who’s information doesn’t match up with your company’s bottom line.

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